Dello Russo


A Laser eye surgeon in New York and/or New Jersey at Dello Russo Laser Vision can supply complete lasik eye improvement to patients. Dr. Dello Russo's lasik care office has a history of quality in Laser eye correction, which is why our Manhattan and Brooklyn clients trust our practice.

Our professional team is headed up by LASIK surgeon and founder, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, and his son, Lasik eye correction physician Jeff Dello Russo, M.D., who works with his father to continue the tradition of great Lasik success. The multi-disciplinary laser vision correction office is rounded out by a cataract surgeon, a glaucoma specialist, a medical retina specialist, staff optometrists, operating room RNs, and board certified anesthesiologists to offer our LASIK patients the most comprehensive lasik laser correction possible.

All Lasik eye improvement surgery is performed in our ultra-modern, 38,000 square foot lasik eye correction facility in New York by our skilled eye care team of Lasik specialist, and we are happy to be the first ambulatory lasik laser eye correction surgery center approved by Medicare in the northeastern United States.

These lasik physicians truly care about our laser vision correction patients as individuals and are dedicated to helping them boost their quality of life with better eyesight through Dr. Dello Russo's LASIK eye care correction with a physician from our Manhattan Lasik, Brooklyn Lasik, New York Lasik and New Jersey Lasik facilities.

Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision has been a countrywide leader in the field of lasik eye correction, helping to pioneer most of the leading Custom LASIK technologies in use today.

Dr. Dello Russo's lasik vision correction was centrally involved in the FDA trials of the excimer lasik in the 1990's that in the end led to that laser's ratification. The office of Lasik eye correction physician Joseph Dello Russo, M.D., was the most influential of the participating clinics, carrying out more lasik vision improvement treatments than any of the other study contributors.

Additionally, in 1997 we gained FDA approval to conduct unique clinical trials to treat higher degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with laser vision correction than had not yet been approved by the FDA. Not only has Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision ( a Manhattan Lasik and Brooklyn Lasik provider ) played a superb role in helping to develop, test, and initiate the excimer laser nationwide, but the LASIK practice was also engaged with the adoption of the Intralase laser technology. Our laser vision correction clinic was the first in the U.S. to use this new laser, offering all-laser LASIK through LASIK doctor Dr. Joseph Dello Russo's pioneering Down-Up LASIK™ technique. Moreover, we were the first practice in the New York area to use Custom Cornea wavefront technology for primary and secondary treatment, and we are pleased to offer this substantial advance in laser vision correction to our patients at our Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey offices.

Dr. Dello Russo has 3 lasik eye correction practices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bergenfield, New Jersey. We work with Medicare, as well as most major insurance programs and eye care plans. To find out further details or to set up a consultation for lasik laser eye correction, please contact a Laser eye surgeon at our New York or New Jersey practices today.