Dello Russo


Custom LASIK at Dello Russo Laser Vision in New York makes use of the LADARVision® wavefront Custom Cornea System for its unsurpassed technological excellence and superior visual Lasik outcomes. This FDA-approved process combines state-of-the-art wavefront mapping process with a flying spot excimer laser and active tracking system to carry out unequalled accuracy in Custom Cornea treatment.

If you are interested in a Custom LASIK treatment that incorporates LADARVision wavefront technology for Custom Cornea, our laser vision correction practice in Brooklyn and Manhattan is prepared to satisfy your eye care needs. The LADARVision system's wavefront technology, originally developed for use in astronomy, first creates an extremely detailed, three-dimensional map of your eyes' unique visual aberrations, permitting the physician to perfect your sight with the Dello Russo lasik procedure. This personalized map allows our Custom LASIK surgeons to treat not only lower order eyesight aberrations (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), but also higher order aberrations that are often associated with night-time issues such as glare & halos.

Also, the unique design of LADARVision's excimer lasik laser and tracking method ensures absolutely accurate positioning of the laser beam as it reshapes your eye's cornea. The Custom Cornea technique is implemented with a narrow lasik laser beam excimer laser (merely .8mm wide), capable of removing small levels of corneal tissue. This lasik correction system performed by Dr. Dello Russo at his Manhattan lasik, Brooklyn lasik, New York lasik, or New Jersey lasik facilities will have you seeing clearly.

To learn more about the LADARVision wavefront Custom LASIK system available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, and New Jersey, please contact Dello Russo Laser Vision for laser eye surgery today. Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision is excited to extend our New York Lasik patients the choice of all-laser Lasik correction.


Dear Dr. Dello Russo,

Thanks to you and your staff I will be having the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year in a long time. As a result of the Lasik surgery you performed on December 6th, the next day I could see distant objects with amazing clarity without my glasses. As an unexpected bonus I am able to read all but the smallest print without glasses. I am typing this without glasses, and feat which would have been impossible only two weeks ago. The sense of liberation and independence from glasses that I feel is indescribable.

As a practicing attorney I am paid to be skeptical and to investigate claims made by those with whom I deal. I researched the matter very carefully before I undertook the risk of delicate eye surgery. I wanted to be confident that I was minimizing the chance for a disappointing result but going to the most qualified doctor I could find. My chief concern was I wanted the best, not the best price. You lived up to, and exceeded, every expectation I had or which is stated in you advertising.

The friendly, informative, professional manner exhibited by you and your staff was only exceeded by the knowledge, dedicated and expert treatment provided. I marvel at how you have successfully created a very efficient organization which is staffed by people who offer personal, unhurried service and display genuine concern. This a true rarity today.

As further confirmation of my complete satisfaction with my results, I will be the “designated driver” on January 20th to bring two of my partners for the procedure. Also, I have offered to treat my 28 year old daughter to the procedure. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude and sincere best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and happy New Year. Feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial in any way which may help you to benefit others as you have benefited me.

Very truly yours,
Russell J. Coyne