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With monumental surgery experience in state-of-the-art Lasik surgery processes and a long background in laser eye surgeries, Joseph Dello Russo, MD, is the most experienced laser eye surgeon in the Northeast, with over 50,000 Lasik procedures done to date. Dello Russo operates 3 Ny & NJ locations - in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bergenfield, NJ. The Dello Russo tradition of excellence in Custom LASIK surgery continues with Dello Russo's son, Dr. Jeff Dello Russo.

A graduate of Tufts University in 1992, Laser eye physician Jeff Dello Russo, obtained his training at the New York Medical College. He completed his education at the St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center (a Columbia Presbyterian affiliate) and accredited fellowship training with the New Jersey Eye Center under the tutelage of his highly acclaimed father, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo. Dr. Jeff Dello Russo believes in a personalized approach to customers, highlighting attention to their specific needs and questions.

Dr. Dello Russo will sit down with you to discuss your refractive care goals and desires. Dello Russo works in close conjunction with the additional members of the laser team at Dello Russo Laser Vision to offer high quality eye care to Lasik patients. Our laser eye correction physician in Manhattan and New Jersey, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, has been one of the true pioneers of Lasik technology in the United States. The president of laser manufacturer VISX, Inc., Mark Logan, referred to Dr. Dello Russo as “one of the pioneers of the excimer laser.” Dello Russo was also named “one of the top most experienced laser surgeons in the nation.”

Dello Russo began to work with Lasik as early as 1988, when he first discussed the subject with excimer laser inventor, Dr. Trokel. At the time, The FDA was testing the first commercial Lasik treatment by VISX. During 1989, Dello Russo participated in the first excimer laser eye correction seminar at Tulane University with Dr. McDonald, who was the first physician who ever performed the excimer laser surgery, and with Dr. Stephen Trokel. Following teh seminar, Dello Russo placed the first order to the new excimer laser.

Between the years 1991 to 1996, the FDA conducted phase III trials of the VISX excimer laser. Dello Russo was one of ten surgeons who participated in this study and he conducted more Lasik surgery processes than any other LASIK eye doctor in the Northeast Region, during the five-year trial period. The monumental data submitted by Dr. Joseph Dello Russo and other group members had assisted to create a viable medical basis for the FDA's ratification of the excimer laser.

In 1997, Dello Russo was granted the first special approval by the FDA to treat farsightedness using the Visx Lasik Laser. During the followingyears and ever since, Dr. Dello Russo has appeared in many television programs as well as national newspapers and magazines, explaining and educating the public of the benefits of Lasik. Dello Russo contributed to innovative Lasik technologies and became an inspiration to other laser correction doctors. His experience and unique work with the excimer laser and custom Lasik have been used to instruct hundreds of Lasik eye doctors in the US and abroad.

In recent years, Dr. Dello Russo introduced the down-up Lasik system, a major improvement to the first stage of the Lasik process. Dello Russo introduced new technologies such as the LADARVision® wavefront Custom Cornea System and Intralase FS Laser. Find out more by visiting Dello Russo Laser Vision

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